Oh Sandy…

In honor of Tropical Storm Sandy’s impending arrival to the east coast, we are listening to Lyle Lovett’s “If I had a Boat” in preparation of sailing out to sea if that old storm surge does indeed hit the big city.

Magpie by Haskell Harris…

We often say that the best part of our job on any given day are the people we get to meet and know. From our clients and vendors to other interior designers (Tilton Fenwick ladies, Ron Marvin, Nick Olsen…) and beyond, we are blessed to have gotten to know so many wonderful people since starting Scout Designs. One of those people is the ever lovely Haskell Harris. Not only is she one of the chicest, most creative people we know, she is also one of the nicest.

We first met Haskell via her work at Garden & Gun magazine when she covered our very first project on her design blog there. Besides it being incredibly flattering that she had chosen to cover us, coming from her it was a nice boost of confidence that we were on the right path in following our dream to launch the business. We have been fortunate over the last couple of years to get to know Haskell and are always curious what she’s up to…because it is always something super creative.

While she continues to produce stories for Garden & Gun, she has also recently started her own interior design business based in Charleston, S.C. and has created a blog called MAGPIE. And her Pinterest is one our favorites. If there is something she can’t do, we don’t know about it!

She is doing a fun series on her blog about people’s collections and recently asked Nicki if she would be willing to photograph some of her jewelry collection and to share some of the stories behind the many pieces she owns. Below are some of her favorite rings and you can find the full post here.

Happy Wednesday!

David Wiseman

The NYTimes T magazine recently published a story on the notably talented artist David Wiseman. A resident of Los Angeles, Wiseman’s work centers around nature’s most delicate forms–blossoming flowers to fleeting glaciers. We are captivated by his ability to transform everyday materials like brass, glass and porcelain into gorgeous interior objects and lighting that retain a sense of natural wonder. We can’t wait until we have a client with an artful eye and adventurous interior to install one of his masterpieces in their space!

‘‘El Cielo,’’ an installation by David Wiseman in a private residence in San Antonio. Robert Polidori

A tabletop chandelier.

A bronze facet vase.

John James Audubon

Nicki, our resident bird watcher, has gotten us both obsessed with spotting and fawning over the plethora of our feathered friends as they stop over in Central Park before heading south for the winter. To solidify our nerd cred, we stumbled upon an exciting and eye-opening talk about one of the most famous bird obsessed individuals John James Audubon who is best known for The Birds of America, the book that contains his illustrations of all 435 birds that were known in the United States around 1827, the year the book was first published.

Listen to this two part podcast from Stuff You Missed in History Class about Audubon’s early life and the process of getting TBOA published. It’s fascinating look at man who changed the face of ornithology.

Landscape Artist April Gornik

We stumbled upon painter April Gornik’s gorgeous landscapes after seeing one her paintings hanging in Ina Garten’s new kitchen. This American born artist paints nature like it’s a stunning photograph. We are a bit obsessed and would love to find a home for one in one of our clients’ spaces!

Sand Shadows Time

The Lions Eye

The Rains

Red Desert

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