Lindsay Cowles

Lindsay Cowles is a fellow southerner and artist who transforms her bold and color saturated paintings into custom wallpaper and fabrics. We can’t get enough of her ethnic-inspired graphic shapes coupled with such a fun use of color. Check out her fabrics here and for more info contact






New Favorite Site: TASTEMADE

Today’s discovery is too delicious not to, which launched in early March. Their mission statement: Tastemade, based in Santa Monica, CA, is a global media company with a mission to connect the world through food. Through its platform, studio and network of culinary talent around the world, Tastemade produces a wide range of programming designed to inspire people to learn and spread their passion for food.

We’ve already watched a number of the videos on their Youtube channel. Our favorite thus far is A Day in India which has us wishing we were about to embark on a trip there (it’s a constant daydream). So grab your favorite beverage–a nice bourbon or aged rum would be our pick–and indulge in a little culinary voyeurism. A little warning: you might find yourself running out to grab supplies to make the “The Slacker Milkshake”.

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