Scouted Today: All Hands leather bags

The need for stylish ways to carry things around the city (and beyond) for photo shoots, client meetings, and weekend trips is something we are constantly on the look out for. And, to be perfectly honest, we just love bags of all shapes & sizes; we each own a fairly substantial assortment of bags for this very reason. Our new favorite all-purpose bag is from All Hands. Discovered on our recent Texas trip at a wonderful store in Austin called Spartan, All Hand’s “Leather Sailor” bag nicely fits the bill. We chose the natural leather option and it has quickly become the one we find ourselves using the most (though we confess to switching the handle to the outside of the bag–it’s a simple knot that was too pretty to leave on the inside of the bag!). In just a month, the ‘naked’ leather has become more supple from near constant use. This is a bag that will only get better with time..!

Scouted Today: Mercedes Motoring

Our love for vintage and antiques doesn’t stop at clothing and furniture. We are both avid car lovers and prefer driving and owning a classic ride over any shiny, new set of wheels. So when we stumbled across J.G. Francis’ company, Mercedes Motoring, we knew we had to share this kindred spirit’s fantastic site that showcases and sells lovingly restored Mercedes-Benz diesels. Before offering them up for sale, Francis restores his preferred 1968 to 1985 model Benz’s back to their original factory condition. Take a look at some of the beauties he has restored so far.

ICFF Highlights

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair opened this weekend (and continues until this evening) in NYC. The annual fair showcases some of the newest goods, furniture, lighting and accessories from vendors from all over the world. We ventured over to the Javitts center this weekend and found some really great stuff. Check out some of our finds:

Our favorite booth was created by our favorite lighting designers, Apparatus Studios. Gabriel and Jeremy are two of the most talented guys in the business. We covet their lights and look forward to using them in all of our projects.

One of Apparatus Studios’ Arrow pendants wrapped with matte python leather.

Gorgeous shelving from Amuneal.

Killer faceted leather lamp by Gilles Caffier.

Calico Wallpaper’s stunning marbleized Wabi paper.

In a sea of modern and sleek furniture, we were like magpies to this 24K gold gilded folding screen by designer Andreea Avram Rusu.

The Dynamic Deux Lux Duo…

Sometimes, when life is good and everything in the universe aligns just so you meet someone with whom you feel an instant kinship. That’s what happened when we met the beautiful Sara Naghedi almost four years ago (we’ve also gotten to know her beloved mother Fatemeh and have grown to love her as much as we do Sara). While we were working on an office just down the hall from where her company, DEUX LUX, was headquartered, we would find ourselves stopping by her office to chat and to see what they were working on. It was (and still is) fascinating to see what they are designing and working on– we never cease to be amazed at what she’ll come up with next.

We were so delighted when Sara asked us to help her with her new apartment three years ago. It’s one of our favorite spaces we’ve designed to date. Sara’s vision about what she wanted was clear: a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. A calm oasis where she could relax from the hectic cares of running a thriving business.

When she expanded headquarters a year ago, we were thrilled to help with the challenge of turning a big, raw, industrial space into a showroom and offices where she and her team now work. Feeling more like design partners in crime at this point, we love this collaboration and the outcome of it. It combined some of our favorite elements–antique Asian doors, Moroccan lanterns, and a bold graphic print we designed for the walls–to create a space that spoke to the brand and it’s trend-setting bags.

We are so thrilled to share that Matchbook magazine has featured both the Deux Lux office and Sara’s exquisite home in their May issue. Please check out her story here and read more about this cool girl and her gorgeous bags! We are just so thankful for both Sara and her mother, Fati, and could not be more excited for their continued success!

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