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My childhood was spent waiting on our copy of National Geographic to arrive in the mail. Hours were spent happily discovering a world far beyond the rural farm I grew up on; every issue was saved and they were in constant use. It was on these pages that I discovered the pyramids of Egypt and decided I wanted to become an archeologist (archeology was my major in college until a conversation in my second year with a beloved professor who told me how hard it was to get funding to go on digs and do the work she really wanted to do outside of the classroom. I changed my major shortly thereafter to Art History.). And though all these years later the internet and access to information has made it easier to get a glimpse of people and places around the globe, National Geographic still holds its allure to me–which is why I was so happy to learn about FOUND. From Nat Geo, “FOUND is a curated collection of photography from the National Geographic archives. In honor of our 125th anniversary, we are showcasing photographs that reveal cultures and moments of the past. Many of these photos have never been published and are rarely seen by the public.” It is very easy to idle away a lot of time looking through the photos here!


NGS Picture ID:615194


Photographer Dillon Marsh…

It is no secret we love photography and it’s a happy day when we discover a new photographer. Such is the case with South African photographer Dillon Marsh’s work. We are drawn to his stark landscapes and are fascinated by the way he isolates a particular subject and creates a series out of them–power lines, dead trees, cell phone towers–are just some of the things he masterfully captures. And oh the weaver birds nests…such incredible houses they make. Would love to see those in person. Here are a few of our favorite photographs from his site.

All images copyright Dillon Marsh

Birds of Paradise…

We first discovered the magnificent Birds of Paradise when watching David Attenborough’s wonderful Life of Birds series. While it’s hard for us to call any one bird our favorite, these exotic creatures are probably the ones we love the most. And how can you not? They are living works of art every one. So suffice to say, ever since we saw (via Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s efforts to photograph and document the entire species, we haven’t been able to stop watching the videos since. And don’t ask us to pick a favorite. That IS impossible.

PROOF Benefit Auction TONIGHT!

Please join us tonight for the 2nd Annual PROOF Benefit Auction at Splashlight Studios located at 75 Varick Street from 6-9pm. All proceeds support PROOF: Media for Social Justice, an organization that uses the power of visual media to further education, research, and advocacy surrounding human rights violations around the world.

And We’re Off…Happy 2012!

We are back to work after two weeks spent with our families and dear friends enjoying the holiday festivities. The past year has brought us much to be thankful for: fantastic clients, interesting projects, fun buying trips, challenges that have made us better at what we do…and we’re looking forward to seeing what 2012 has in store for us! In looking back at the hundreds of photos we’ve each taken over the year of everything that has inspired us-or that we just loved-here are some of our favorite images from the past year. Clearly we love nature in all its many forms….can you tell!? Throw in some cute puppies in the window, great art, to-die-for furniture, a trip to the beach, yummy food and drink and we’re pretty much as happy as we can be. Here’s to a healthy and prosperous year ahead!

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